If You Ask Me I’ll Take Texas Any Day

It was fun, Canada. We had some great times together and made some great memories, but it was time to go back to the one who has loved me longest and best.

I landed back in my home state in mid-April, and in the six weeks since then I’ve installed 60 feet of brick sidewalk, built and planted a raised-bed garden, attended my daughter’s swim meets, begun a job (at my same company), married off one of my best friends, brewed 25 gallons of beer, and finished four knives. I also sent 20 stainless blades off for professional heat treating, acquired a new (to me) forge and anvil, and gotten a lot of work done on four or five other knives. It’s nice to be busy again.

I have three blades for sale today, and will hopefully have 4 or 5 more coming up pretty soon. My first Bowies are on the bench and will hopefully be done by summer’s end, as are my first knives made from my own damascus steel, my first forged blades in several years, and a fairly broad selection of stainless blades.

Seem like I’m going a little crazy with this? The reality is almost the opposite. In the six years I’ve been making knives, a lot of major events have taken up far more of my shop time than I would like. Graduate school, CPA exams, home remodels, and international moves have kept my production down, as have a lot of otherwise really great things like being a dad and husband, drawing, training a dog, brewing, woodworking projects, running, and other things I can’t even think of. I think a lot of the biggest things that took up more of my time than I wanted them to are largely behind me. In other words, it isn’t that I’m going crazy with knife making, it’s more than things are finally getting UNcrazy enough for me to get back to it.

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