I’m Not THAT Travis

I don’t really have time for much TV watching when there’s no college football, and I don’t bother to pay for cable for the watching I do. Occasionally, however, I become aware of certain TV shows because of external influences. Sometimes it’s staying in a hotel with nothing else to do, and discovering Swamp People for myself. Other times I’ll have read the books, and then they decided to make a show out of the Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones). Vikings has an interesting storyline, the main character played by another guy named Travis, an attractive and fierce female lead that is pretty much a copy of my real-life wife (to those wondering, I am a slightly larger version of Floki), and cool edged weapons, so of course I’m aware of it. And sometimes you can’t avoid a show, because the Duck Dynasty paraphernalia is everywhere (though I did meet Phil Robertson at church once back in 2006).

Recently, I’ve become aware of a different show, and for an entirely unexpected reason. I’ve seen episodes here and there of American Pickers when staying at hotels or sitting in bars, but it never really hit my radar until it made me famous. Sort of.

On December 8, 2013, American Pickers visited Louisiana in an episode called “Bonnie, Clyde, and The King,” wherein they meet another knife maker named Travis. I don’t live in Louisiana, but I do make knives and I am named Travis. But I am not THAT Travis! Since the episode aired I have received nearly a dozen emails asking me about the show. I’ve gotten phone calls. Approximately 1/8 of my search engine driven web traffic refers to Louisiana or Pickers or something specifically identifiable as having been influenced by the show.

I’m grateful for all of the attention, and happy that my SEO is really that good. I’m happy that knife making as a craft was presented positively on a popular TV show. I’ve likely even profited somewhat from all this, since the searches lead to my website, which leads to my knives, which speak for themselves. Thanks folks, but I AM NOT THAT TRAVIS!

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