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Running a wood shop and a knife shop out of a smallish two-car garage presents many challenges, but the lack of space for all the new tools we “need” is probably the most challenging. An additional challenge is the fact that one of us is a hyper-organized-neat-freak and the other is a pack rat. We recently bought a Rigid spindle sander, and after months of moving it around from work bench to garage floor to the top of the table saw, I just couldn’t take it anymore. It needed a home.

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Essentials for Getting Started

Occasionally friends, acquaintances, former customers, and total strangers will ask me questions about getting started at making knives.  I applaud and encourage any effort that serious, thoughtful folks want to make toward engaging themselves in the knife making craft.  In fact, I really try to applaud and encourage serious and thoughtful folks in general.  Anyway, here is a summary of what I think someone really needs to get started making knives: […]

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Sole Authorship vs Economics

As with sports, scholarship, and home brewing, knife making has many levels of possible involvement. Many start out buying pre-made blades and putting handles on them. This is a good practice, and as long as the maker is honest about the fact that the blade was made by someone else, it’s perfectly respectable.

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A Man Can Never Have Too Many Hammers

An Interview With Midwest Knife Maker Supply (updated 2020) Travis is a Texas based bean counter by day, knife maker extraordinaire by night. I’ve never heard of knife making described as “cash flow neutral” – until now. Travis has been an active member and positive influence on KnifeDogs for some time now. His style is fearless as he keeps trying new things and styles. A lot of guys make the same knife a thousand times. Nothing wrong with that really. You go to the dance with who brought ya [...]

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