Running a wood shop and a knife shop out of a smallish two-car garage presents many challenges, but the lack of space for all the new tools we “need” is probably the most challenging. An additional challenge is the fact that one of us is a hyper-organized-neat-freak and the other is a pack rat. We recently bought a Rigid spindle sander, and after months of moving it around from work bench to garage floor to the top of the table saw, I just couldn’t take it anymore. It needed a home. Enter: the flip cart. The spindle sander is about the same size as our router table, so the two pieces pair nicely in a flip cart. The only challenge was making a cart with enough clearance to leave the router fence on when inverted, with a final table height workable for a 5’6” individual. The free project plans are at the end of this post.

I borrowed heavily from two guys who posted videos and their flip cart builds on YouTube, and they deserve a bit of attribution for inspiring this project:

Acceptance Criteria For The Design
  • Final table height no more than 43 inches
  • Mobile
  • Integrated power supply to reduce cord clutter
  • Easy to use locking mechanism
Free Plan Downloads
cut list
The Details

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