• When I twisted up the damascus billet for the Quillon Dagger of Darkness I was left with an end piece that had one twist and some untwisted layers. It definitely wasn’t going to go to waste, so I forged this chef knife by hand from the 2″ x 3″x 3/8″ remainder. The loose, very stretched twist matched this piece of stabilized hickory perfectly, and African Blackwood fittings and accent make the whole thing pop. Comes with a zipper case.
    • OAL: 12 inches
    • Blade: 7 inches
    • Handle: Stabilized Hickory and African Blackwood
    • Steel: 1080/15n20 Twisted Ws Damascus
  • I like to make daggers, and I like to push myself. This one ticked both boxes. The blade is my own twisted Ws pattern, forged to shape and hollow ground. The African Blackwood handle is fluted and wrapped in twisted fine silver wire. All fittings, including on the goat skin wrapped sheath, are bronze and powder coated flat black.
    • OAL: 16 inches
    • Blade: 10 inches
    • Handle: Fluted African Blackwood and Fine Silver
    • Steel: 1080/15n20 Twisted Ws Damascus


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