I love the color of lapis lazuli, and when another knifemaker sent me some lapis Trustone composite material I knew I needed to use it for something out of the ordinary. I was also intrigued by the idea of a finely fluted dagger handle with grooves that only took up a portion of the length, and the ideas combined for this special little knife. Though now it’s more likely to be displayed in a case than used just in case, in different times (or at a Renaissance Faire) this dagger might be carried in a lady’s bodice for easy access and/or to draw the eye, or worn concealed in a waistband or sleeve to use in a pinch.

All pieces, including the goatskin wrapped sheath and its fittings, were handmade by me.

A full-length WIP thread cataloguing its construction can be found here.

  • OAL: 11 inches
  • Blade: 6 inches
  • Handle: Lapis Lazuli Trustone Composite
  • Steel: CPM 154 CM